Construction of Sensory Labs and Mobile Sensory Booths

For interested companies we offer using our long-standing knowledge to construct your own labs and sensory booths.

isi has several years of experience in testing in professional sensory laboratories. This continuously growing experience with lab operations is applied to the construction of our own sensory labs.

We offer interested companies the use of this knowledge to construct their own labs and sensory booths. Our partner aspekt schreinerarbeiten, a specialist in furniture construction, interior work, and store construction, plans and realises the lab construction for you. Until the keys are handed over, you will receive all services as a one source solution. Of course DIN 10962 (sensory lab requirements) will be considered. Together with our sales partner THIEMT GmbH we can plan and realise ready-to-use laboratories worldwide.

Entrance of our Lab in Cologne

Below you can see some features of our sensory lab in Cologne.
Please contact us if you require further information.

Lamps with different frequencies allow the evaluation of test samples with artificial light, natural light, and red light, which neutralizes the shades of different samples.
The test places are equipped with internet-compatible personal computers and with washbasins that can be covered.
Test places with artificial light Test places with natural light Test places with red light
Dividing walls can be pulled out and pushed back. Special hatches prevent the test persons from looking into the lab kitchen.


For optimal usage of the space, the electric cooker can be converted into a work surface. Behind the lab kitchen there are further facilities for preparation, storage, and cooling.


Reception and waiting area in front of the test booths

Mobile Sensory Booth (MSB)

The closed booth can be moved through most door frames with standard sizes and into most elevators. The construction of this innovation, which has been registered for a patent, allows easy handling and usage. The booth can be set up by two or three people. Its weight of about 120 kg offers a well-balanced ratio of stability and mobility.

The equipment in detail:

Features of the Mobile Sensory Booth

  1. Large casters to overcome small obstacles such as door thresholds.
  2. The casters can be blocked using an allen wrench.
  3. Booth mainly in light grey. Curtain colour (para. 14) can be selected to fit your corporate design.
  4. Wireless keyboard with touchpad (battery operated), mounted on a slider.
  5. 19" monitor, adjustable with two fingers.
  6. PC cabinet with lockable doors, network cable connections, and built-in sockets (PC optional).
  7. Each mobile sensory booth is equipped with a separate protective circuit breaker.
  8. The booth can be used in various national power supply systems. One power line can support up to five booths.
  9. The cables are hidden in a cable conduit on top of the booth. Cat.6-socket for networks is in the cable conduit.
  10. Three separately adjustable lighting environments with control display on the personnel side (standard: natural, warm white, red).
  11. Control light can be switched on when booth is occupied.
  12. Communication between personnel and test person via light signals.
  13. Test person hatch through large vertical sliding door with invisible counter weight. The hatch is always balanced.
  14. Dimming in sensory booth using a curtain (washable up to 60°C; textile quality removes unpleasant odours).

The lighting offers different frequencies so that test persons can appraise test products with warm white light, natural light, and red light, which assimilates the shades of different samples. The booth can be darkened by a light-proof curtain. It is also equipped with a network-compatible computer, which is placed in a cabinet with lockable doors. The power and network cables are hidden in a cable conduit on the top of the booth.

MSB with warm white light MSB with natural light MSB with red light MSB with closed curtain
Booth with warm white light Booth with natural light Booth with red light Dimmed sensory booth

The personnel works at the "backside" of the booth where the test samples are prepared. The personnel passes the samples through the hatch to the test persons. The deposit space on personnel side can be retracted for transportation.

Animated Booth Setup Hatch of the MSB
Animated booth setup Animated hatch

Up to five booths can be connected to a joint circuit by a special cable adapter.
The cables are hidden in a cable conduit on top of the booth:

Stringed Sensory Booths Electrical Connection of the Sensory Booth