Our passion
Better recipes, more attractive product design.

We are one of the leading agencies in the world for sensory market research.

We will help you develop fascinating product experiences for all senses: taste, smell, sight, feeling, hearing.

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The best of two worlds
Market research + sensory research = Sensory Marketing Research

We combine innovative approaches from market and sensory research into our unique Sensory Marketing Tools.

Our equipment:

  • Comprehensive methodological knowledge and creativity
  • High-end sensory laboratories
  • World-wide field organizations
  • 20 descriptive panels
  • Modern online data collection

The isi philosophy
Think like a consumer…
but translate it into the language of business

We analyze your products in an integrated manner and translate between the subjective consumer perspective and the more technical producer perspective.

The latest insights of behavioral economics are important corner stones for us in order to better explain product perception, preferences, and behavior.

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From soft drink to industrial design
Sensory product optimization is becoming increasingly important

Questions we think about…
Goals we reach together with you.

Greater acceptance of soft drink recipes

Perceived richness of body lotion

Better brand fit of new coffee machine design

Credible fragrance of eco-detergent

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We look forward to seeing you!