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Other Cultures, Other Consumer Tests

15. September 2020

What is the difference between consumer tests in Europe, the USA, and South East Asia?

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6 steps to successful product testing

03. September 2020

What are the distinguishing features of a good product test? Our customers return to this question again and again. We have gathered over thirty years of experience to answer this in the following summary. If you answer these questions for your product test - such as a Central Location Test (CLT) - then nothing is standing in the way of a successful product test.

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Free eBook: Top 5 secrets of efficient HomeUseTesting

26. August 2020

If carried out the right way, the HomeUseTest offers a lot of advantages. What should one watch out for so that nothing goes wrong? We are revealing 5 secrets that will make your HomeUseTest a success!  

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Overview: Consumer Testing & Corona

07. August 2020

"What experiences have we gathered during the crisis? Foremost, that we can transfer practically all consumer tests from the laboratory directly to the testers' homes," explains Sven Henneberg, isi Senior Manager, who works at the isi facility in Munich.

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Video: Consumer Testing & Corona (interview with Sven Henneberg)

01. August 2020

In the last weeks, we have shared with you how we at isi adjusted our sensory and consumer research to the Corona related changes. Now, we want to provide you with a personal update by Sven Henneberg, isi Senior Manager, who is based at our Munich branch.

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Overview: Sensory Research & Corona - Sensory Profiling

20. July 2020

How isi succeeded in managing a nearly seamless transition from onsite Lab testing to in-home testing at the onset of the Corona Lockdown. Part 1: Sensory Profiling (working with the Test Panels)

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Video: Sensory Research & Corona - Sensory Profiling (interview with Annika Ipsen)

15. July 2020

At the start of the Corona-related lockdown in March 2020, the isi labs had to close down. Shortly after, the isi team switched the Sensory Profiling from the lab to the home of the panelists.

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How to develop sustainable products

09. May 2020

How do you introduce unusual and sustainable algae products to men and women? The team surrounding Stephanie Grahl from isi sensory marketing knows the answer: By including future customers right from the onset of the product development stage.

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isi in the times of Corona. Due to our flexible tool box, we can offer our clients reliable alternatives to lab testing.

04. April 2020

The Covid19 pandemia is challenging every person and every company. We have reacted to it in our tried and true isi way: with flexibility, creativity, and reliability.

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How companies can use the Nutri-Score to their advantage

09. March 2020

The Nutri-Score is coming to Germany this year, and it poses a new challenge to food producers. Companies that are well-prepared for its introduction will gain the confidence of the consumers.

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