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How companies can use the Nutri-Score to their advantage

09. March 2020

The Nutri-Score is coming to Germany this year, and it poses a new challenge to food producers. Companies that are well-prepared for its introduction will gain the confidence of the consumers.

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Keen interest among producers and consumers for new meat production regulations

01. October 2019

How are meat producers and consumers reacting to the ban on anaesthetised piglet castration? isi, the Institute for Sensory Market Research and Innovation Consulting, is involved in a series of studies that seek to answer this question.

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isi introduces its worldwide field partners

27. July 2019

"Whether Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Mexico or anywhere else in the world, we offer our customers quality-tested field partners for international projects.

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isi DesignDecoding at Osnabrück University

01. April 2019

isi and Osnabrück University come together to work on the subject of design. For one semester, design students will learn how to use isi DesignDecoding to develop products that more accurately meet consumer tastes.

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isi DesignDecoding - Our new approach, briefly explained

29. October 2018

On October 24 and 25, the isi team presented the isi DesignDecoding at the "Research & Results 2018" in Munich. The interest was so great that we want to present the new approach to a larger audience.

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Algae pasta: isi tests tomorrow's food

12. August 2018

isi, the Institute for Sensory Research and Innovation Consulting, is testing sustainable products for the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen that are based on algae instead of meat.

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isi Multisensory Branding: Using all the Senses to make a Brand come alive

16. July 2018

Multisensory - the interaction of the senses - has developed into an important buzzword in sensory and consumer research. But what exactly does it mean?

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Foodies – a little known consumer group

18. June 2018

isi employee Sarah Hemmerling and colleagues took a closer look for the first time in Germany at who exactly are foodies. Their conclusion: 30 percent of Germans are foodies or light foodies. They like to try out new things, they look to quality and they often eat with friends.

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Reducing Sugar: A Healthy Change

02. April 2018

A quiet revolution is taking place in our supermarkets: sugar content in products is declining. Customers have hardly noticed the change because the taste has mostly remained the same.

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Immersive Reality in the Sensory Laboratory: From Vision to Reality

21. February 2018

isi has started to use Immersive Context in sensory research. The development gives customers ever more sophisticated insights into consumer behavior. Product development can be designed more efficiently, saving time and money.

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