26. August 2020
Free eBook: Top 5 secrets of efficient HomeUseTesting


free eBook: top 5 secrets of efficient HomeUseTesting
free eBook: top 5 secrets of efficient HomeUseTesting
If carried out the right way, the HomeUseTest offers a lot of advantages.

The approximation to reality it offers because the sampling takes place in the home rather than in a laboratory is a convincing aspect of HUT approach. In the home, the product is in the social context of the tester who uses it in a complete holistic home context as part of an everyday, normal routine. Additionally, the tester can choose the time of his or her choice. For example, a tester can drink a sports drink after a training session or an alcoholic drink as part of an evening routine.

What should one watch out for so that nothing goes wrong?

We are revealing 5 secrets that will make your HomeUseTest a success!                        


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Photo: Derek Torsani/ unsplash.com

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