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6 tips for design tests with (large) prototypes

11. November 2020

Associate Director Anne Hoffmann and Managing Director Joachim Haag from isi offer six valuable tips in this blog post on how to optimally implement a design test - specifically when it comes to larger prototypes such as household appliances.

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Consumer Research dovetails seamlessly with Dialog Management

22. October 2020

isi and dr. wolf communications offer a new service. This innovative strategy adds dialog marketing to sensory and consumer research and thereby accelerates product development. For an in-depth understanding of "Integrated Consumer Research & Dialog Management" read on.

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Sensory Lab vs Real-life Testing

19. October 2020

Which is the most suitable location for your test? 

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Video: Test Studio Finder (Interview with Joachim Haag)

14. October 2020

Our new website has been online for a few days now. This platform enables our customers the ability to compare, and book, test studios and sensory labs worldwide quickly and free of charge.

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New service: isi launches the Test Studio Finder

12. October 2020

In just a few clicks you will discover the test studio that fits your market research project on our new platform, fast and free of charge. Our vision: to create a kind of for field services.

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How Immersive Technology is driving Consumer Testing - an Update

09. October 2020

Consumer researchers are using Immersive Technology to introduce real life into the laboratory and thereby more narrowly address the psychological motives of consumers.

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Guidance with Benchmarks

free eBook: Guidance with Benchmarking

24. September 2020

Discover the most important tips for calculating benchmark scores and get to know the isi BenchmarkCalculator. In this eBook, we share our insights and learnings regarding benchmarks from 5 years of experience and over 1,500 projects.

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Other Cultures, Other Consumer Tests

15. September 2020

What is the difference between consumer tests in Europe, the USA, and South East Asia?

Consumer tests are only successful if they are adapted to the culture and reality of the country they are being tested in. Even between supposedly similar countries like Germany and the USA there are great differences. Not recognizing them or ignoring these differences risks incorrect results.

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6 steps to successful product testing

03. September 2020

What are the distinguishing features of a good product test? Our customers return to this question again and again. We have gathered over thirty years of experience to answer this in the following summary. If you answer these questions for your product test - such as a Central Location Test (CLT) - then nothing is standing in the way of a successful product test.

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Free eBook: Top 5 secrets of efficient HomeUseTesting

26. August 2020

If carried out the right way, the HomeUseTest offers a lot of advantages. What should one watch out for so that nothing goes wrong? We are revealing 5 secrets that will make your HomeUseTest a success!  

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