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Fabienne Hübener

On March 5th 2021, Joachim Haag, isi Managing Director, gave a talk about isi DesignDescoding at the virtual qual360 conference. qual360 is Europe’s most popular qualitative conference for insight leaders and market researchers. Here you can watch the talk and gain a deeper understanding of this innovative isi service for better product design development. To find out more about the topic, read our blog post about DesignDecoding.

Topic: Bridging the gap between objective design parameters and consumer interpretations

Key points:

  • How can packaging design generate purchase intention by conveying a product’s key benefits to specific target groups
  • Setting up a 2-step-methodology involving consumer testing (step 1) and expert designers’ interpretation (step 2)
  • Merging the results into a design code framework representing a holistic view of design codes to be put into place for future pack modifications or developments
  • Helping marketers and designers understand which elements are key transporters for which consumer desired messages


video_qual360 2021


Find out more about DesignDecoding and Design Tests at isi:


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