Sensory product testing in Virtual Enviroment (Virtual Reality)

Especially for context-sensitive products, it is justified to assume that the consumption context affects consumer’s acceptance and preferences. This has resulted in a long-standing debate between Marketing and R&D about the optimal conditions for sensory product tests which has lasted more than a decade:

  • Marketing demands testing in realistic consumptive situations with higher external validity and prefers approaches like home-use testing, bar tests etc.
  • R&D concentrates more on controlling the testing conditions (high internal validity) and thus argues for testing in sensory labs.

To resolve this debate, isi applies innovative VR technology. Respondents are placed into realistic consumption situations in which we maintain complete control over the testing conditions. Through extensive fundamental research and close cooperation with technology partners and universities we succeeded in establishing a high-quality VR-infrastructure for our consumer tests:

  • Respondents are immersed into the relevant situation using the most state-of-the-art VR-headsets
  • Own production of the VR content – adapted to the product category and research questions
  • Integration of our in-house online questionnaire software EQUIP into the VR headset: using a controller, the respondent is able to navigate intuitively and conveniently through the survey
  • Fieldwork is guided by use of an in-house developed, dedicated app

Your benefits: You receive more valid predictions of consumer preferences, the long-standing debate between Marketing and R&D about the optimal test approach is resolved and in some cases you may leapfrog a step in the innovation process while trimming costs and saving time at the same time.


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