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What is the Nutri-Score?

The Nutri-Score is a nutritional label and indicates the nutritional quality of processed foods. It is determined on the basis of various nutrients and ingredients. Desirable and less desirable nutritional elements are offset against each other.

A scale from A to E shows the nutritional quality of a product. A "green A" is a nutritionally better choice than a "red E" for comparable products.

OUR approach

Our claim for sustainable success

Numerous studies have shown that consumers only buy products in the long term if they taste good. In addition, consumers are accustomed to a certain sensory profile in everyday products and largely expect a certain consistency.

Any measure aimed at improving the Nutri-Score must therefore also ensure "good taste" in order to satisfy consumers in the long term.

So-called disguising tactics through the use of substitutes are out of the question, as there are increasingly critical consumers in this respect.


isi toolbox

The isi toolbox for Nutri-Score optimization 

We use our own studies for a well-founded development of our isi Toolbox. It is suitable for both manufacturer and private label brands. We offer efficient support for recipe conversion using tried-and-tested consumer center tools. Contact us, to get more details about the toolbox ad your options!

One thing is clearly of primary importance:
"Ensuring the continued good taste".

Study: How important is the Nutri-Score?

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Our key findings of the study are:

🛒 The Nutri-Score is (already) important to consumers.

🛒 A positive Nutri-Score leads not only to higher expectations of how healthy the product is, but also to the expectation that it tastes better and is more sustainable.

🛒 The Nutri-Score can influence purchase decisions, necessitating product improvements, especially if competitors already use the Nutri-Score for their products

What do these findings imply?

✅ While many still discuss if the Nutri-Score is useful or not, many customers already base their purchase decision on it. That is why firms should start thinking about implementing the Nutri-Score.

✅ If firms decide to use the Nutri-Score they should check if they could improve their product further in order to to improve the Nutri-Score which will have a positive effect on the market share especially when improving from D to C or C to B.


Free Download 

Download information on the Nutri-Score

Everyone is talking about the Nutri-Score, but you still don't know how it can help your product?

Now you have the opportunity to download our short presentation on the subject of Nutri-Score optimization free of charge. We can support both manufacturer and private label brands with the help of our own studies, for example on the subject of recipe conversion.

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