Your product as a whole
Our goal: optimal product-concept fit

We believe in integrated product and concept optimization.

Brand and marketing concepts make promises to consumers, based on which he purchases the product. However, only if the core product meets these expectations will there be satisfaction – the basis of long-term success.

Our motto:

Meshing of concept and product optimization in consideration of expectations and experience lead to product success.

Sensory Decoding
Consumer needs become product attributes

We look at products like consumers.

But we translate their needs into the language of R&D and industrial design.

The core of our work:

Decoding the hidden relationship between controllable product parameters and subjective consumer perceptions.

We use the knowledge of these codes to derive clear and action-oriented recommended optimizations.

Deep consumer understanding
Behavioral economics meets sensory marketing research

Two fundamental insights of behavioral economics:

  • The great significance of activating processes (activation, emotion, motivation, attitudes)
  • The importance of unconscious processes in information processing and the assessment of environmental stimuli

Behavioral economics insights have great significance for sensory marketing research at isi.

  • Many projects are based on the study of the psychological motives behind a purchase decision based on our isi MotiveWheel.
  • The core of benefit-oriented product optimization is the measurement of spontaneously triggered associations using isi ImplicitTesting.

We are tireless – and always strive to adapt our methods to these new scientific insights.

We look forward to seeing you!