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Insights & Methods

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The secret recipe for a successful sensory panel

Fabienne Hübener 4 October 2021

A sensory panel functions like a small business. The goals, methods and interpersonal climate must fit well together in order for it to be successful. isi panel leaders reveal what makes for a good pa...

New isi representation in Wageningen

Fabienne Hübener 8 September 2021

If you want to be involved in the creation of food for the future, you need to be in Wageningen. Situated in the peaceful green flatlands of the Lower Rhine, Wageningen is home to roughly 40.000 inhab...

isi – Tacking into the Wind (part I)

Fabienne Hübener 27 June 2021

isi repositioned itself in 2020. The maneuver was risky, but it has since paid off. isi is a proponent of open innovation. Open disclosure of innovative processes benefits the company, its partners, a...