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Benefit mapping / Brand fragrances / Conjoint analysis / Consumer tests / Descriptive analysis
Design of experiments / Design research / Difference tests / Drivers of benefits / Drivers of liking
Focus groups / Home visits / Home-use tests / In-depth interviews / Implicit testing
Mobile research / Online studies (quant & qual) / Preference mapping / Scent research
Segmentation studies / Sensory conjoint / Sensory consumer journey
Similarity tests / Usability tests

Sensory consumer tests
…at a top level world-wide

Determination of valid product ratings

We find out for you how your recipes or product designs are rated overall as well as in terms of individual partial aspects.

In combination with innovative methods, such as isi ImplicitTesting, we can also record spontaneously triggered associations and perceived benefit dimensions.

Testing under ideal conditions

Every project deserves exactly that method which provides reliable answers to the study questions. Depending on the information you need, we implement consumer tests as follows:

  • isi SensoryLabTesting | In highly standardized sensory labs*
  • isi CentralLocationTesting | In controlled conditions*, upon request also with generation of a "virtual reality"
  • isi HomeUseTesting | In a real usage situation (complete online-based HUT implementation)

Our industry focus

  • Food & beverages
  • Consumption products
  • Cosmetics & body care
  • Electrical appliances
  • Household products
  • Pet care

*In addition to our own facilities, we use a world-wide network of carefully selected partners for our field work. We have certified our partners with our own quality seal and thus documented that our high standards are met.

Gold Silver

Descriptive analysis
Trained experts as strategic tool

We are one of the world‘s leading suppliers of descriptive analysis.

Objective and detailed descriptions of sensory impressions are the key for translating consumer needs to specific product attributes.

We are experts in descriptive analysis – flexible, cost-effective, with the highest standards.

isi DescriptiveAnalysis

  • Client-exclusive panels | At the moment we operate 18 exclusive panels.
  • isi AllroundPanels | Flexibly bookable for individual projects
  • Consulting | If you would like to reorganize your descriptive analysis
  • Training | Support in the design of your internal panels

Sensory Decoding
From preference mapping to drivers of benefits


The isi program

Consumer needs become product attributes

Our standard: we look at products like consumers but translate their needs into the language of R&D and industrial design. By connecting subjective consumer impressions with objective sensory profiles and/or varying product parameters we manage to implement this transfer.

isi ProfileOptimizer | Preference Mapping & Drivers of Liking

  • Identification of "drivers" relevant from consumer perspective on overall liking
  • Visualization as preference maps / heat maps
  • Calculation of sensory target corridors for your product in order to increase liking

isi SensAssociation | Benefit Mapping & Drivers of Benefits

  • Determination of how subjective consumer associations (benefits, motives) are triggered by specific product design attributes.
  • Identification of "drivers" for these consumer associations and their ideal intensities/levels
  • Ensuring optimal product-brand fit

Sensory labs
Ideal test conditions for your products

Testing in sensory labs

Product differences are often subtle but have a great impact on the question 'market success or flop?'.

In our highly modern sensory labs, we control all imaginable variables and offer optimal conditions in order to uncover these differences.

From chewing gum to complex meat dishes…

isi SensoryLabs

  • 6 highly modern sensory labs – 3 in Göttingen, 1 each in Cologne, Munich, and Hamburg
  • Modern equipment meeting DIN standards
  • 10-16 test stations per lab with modern online data collection, variable lighting conditions, high-performance ventilation, spacious kitchens with convincing equipment, optimized paths, large storage spaces, and walk-in coolers…

Online & Mobile Research
Ultra-modern data collection

State-of-the-art online studies

We are experts in online research.
In-house software development and outstanding programming skills allow us to implement just about anything you wish in connection with online questionnaires. The data is often collected via our subsidiary myonlinepanel.

isi OnlineResearch & isi MobileResearch

99% of our quantitative tests are based on modern online questionnaires. The integration of multimedia stimuli, innovative question types such as isi ImplicitTesting or surveytainment components noticeably increase the value of our studies:

  • Modern online data collection in 99% of our consumer tests
  • Fully online-based isi HomeUseTesting
  • isi ImplicitTesting to measure associations
  • isi ConjointAnalysis with realistic purchase decision situations
  • isi DesignResearch with 3D product presentations, pivoting and zooming options
  • Online shelf tests
  • isi MobileResearch with 'in-the-moment' data collection via smartphone or tablet

Qualitative research
Tracking the real purchase drivers

The real reasons for product purchases are often hidden. They are due to our psychological motives: our need for autonomy, security, or stimulation expresses itself in very specific benefit expectations in certain products.
Specifically trained researchers explore these purchase drivers using qualitative methods.

isi QualitativeResearch

  • Psychological in-depth interviews
  • Focus groups & creative workshops
  • Home visits
  • Moderated online forums and diaries

Qualitative online research regularly supplements our isi HomeUseTests.

Trainings & workshops
Strengthening of your skills and inspiration

We regularly offer training and workshops on topics concerning sensory marketing research – at our isi company locations or at home in your house.

isi Academy

Excerpt from our subject spectrum:

  • Descriptive panels – from panel structure to analysis of results
  • Meat industry: method portfolio boar fattening
  • Behavioral economics & sensory decoding
  • Conjoint Analysis

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